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Burns Well, LLC

1oz Sample Melt - Pick Your Scent

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Get a sample of our most popular scents in a 1oz Sample Wax Melt!

Choose your desired scent, including Seasonal Scents and The Dapper Collection.

These 1oz Sample Melts are packaged in a PET Plastic Clamshell and can come in an hourglass shape or a cube shape - both contain the same amount of wax. 


For a detailed description of each scent, please check out our Candles 101 page or click here for Scent Profiles. 

Signature Scents are available year-round.  Seasonal Scents are limited.  

2024 Seasonal Scent Schedule:
2023 Fall Scents available August 15th, 2023-January 14th, 2024
2023 Winter Scents available November 7th, 2023-February 25th, 2024
2024 Spring Scents available February 21st, 2024-June 19th, 2024
2024 Summer Scents available May 22nd, 2024-September 11th, 2024
2024 Fall Scents available August 14th, 2024-December 15th, 2024
2024 Winter Scents available November 6th, 2024-February 16th, 2025


HEY! Did you know?

 Orders over $20 get a little bonus treat! Each one receives a FREE Sample Wax Melt in their order, but we've also got a handy trick for you, too!  If you've got a favorite scent, scribble it down in your order notes and we'll try our darndest to make it happen! If it's not available, we'll get as close as we can to your original choice! 
If no notes are in the order, we choose one at random from the Sample box!