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Burns Well, LLC

Candle - Honeydew & Cucumber

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What it smells like:

Bright and bubbly, Honeydew & Cucumber shines as a fabulous standout! This fantastic candle dances with a melody of melon aromas, sprinkled with whispers of strawberry and cantaloupe, and finally crowned with the refreshing essence of honeydew and cucumber.


NOW Available in 2 sizes: 
-9oz Glass (Classic Size) Candle
-4oz Glass (Mini Size) Candle

This is a candle that may come with wax decorations on top. 

*Processing times are currently two to four (2-4) days.

*All orders are shipped within two (2) business days to anywhere within the continental U.S.  

*Local Deliveries may be delivered within two (2) business days.  Please be sure to add your email or mobile number to your order for local deliveries in order for us to schedule a delivery time. 

**Please allow more lead time for orders over 10 candles.**