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Burns Well, LLC

2-n-1 Light Green & Gold Marble Candle & Wax Warmer

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Experience Your Favorite Fragrance with an Elegant Tart Warmer

Looking to add a stylish touch to your home decor while enjoying some delightful fragrance? Look no further than our 2-n-1 candle warmer and dish, which is perfect for both wax melts and candles alike.


To use, simply take out the dish and place a heat-safe container candle on the warmer's surface. Alternatively, if you prefer using wax melts, use the dish to hold the pieces above the heated pad. This is a great way to appreciate fragrance without smoke or soot from burning candle wicks and provide a flameless fragrance solution.




  • Place the tart warmer on a heat-resistant surface
  • Put the scented wax melt cubes or tarts in the warming dish, or remove the dish to warm a candle
  • Plug in to release the fragrance

Remember, exercise caution with warmers at all times. Keep them away from flammable objects and use within view.