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Burns Well, LLC

Reed Diffuser (8 Reeds)

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Reed Color/Material

These diffusers are 4.0 fl. oz. filled square glass bottles with a PET plastic stopper and gold bottle collars. Each diffuser comes with 8 reeds. 

Available Scents:
Teakwood Gentleman
White Sage & Citrus
Limoncello Macaron
Palo Santo & Cedarwood
Lavender & Lemonade
Oakmoss & Amber
White Birch (Limited Time)
Vanilla & Birch  (Limited Time)
Pumpkin Pie
(Limited Time)
White Tea & Ginger Lily 
Sandalwood & Suede 
Sandalwood & Vanilla
Definitely Over 30 

*If you would like to request a scent from our line, please use the contact button to place a custom order.  Include an email address you can be reached at for any questions and invoicing. Please be aware that not all scents will produce the same scent to fill a space, that is why only some are available. If you request a scent, I will let you know its compatibility rating. We try to keep all products free from harmful chemicals, and therefore some of the fragrances react differently to the compound.  

How to use: 
Gently unscrew the gold cap to carefully remove the clear stopper in the glass bottle.

Place the gold-threaded cap back onto the glass bottle and add 6-8 reeds, depending on room size, into the bottle submerged in the diffuser liquid. 

Flip sticks over as desired to keep scent dispersion effective.  If diffuser liquid comes into contact with skin, wash the area immediately. 

Safety Warning:
Flammable Liquid. Do not light reeds and do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Persons with perfume sensitivity should proceed with caution when using this product and do so at their own risk. Use gloves when handling used reeds. Do not place glass diffuser bottles or used reeds on polished, painted, plastic, or leather surfaces. Keep diffuser bottles and used reeds away from electrical equipment as damage may occur. Please dispose of contents in accordance with local regulations.  Burns Well LLC does have a recycling program and will accept used reed diffuser bottles purchased with us, with or without remaining contents, in exchange for 10% off of your next order. 

Our diffusers contain a proprietary blend, alongside Clean Scent Certified Fragrance. This product is VOC compliant and does not contain any chemicals listed on California Proposition 65.